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Founded in 2016, Shanghai Shingenzyme Biochemical Industry Co.,Ltd has focused on the R&D and innovation of enzymes,  as well as expanding its wide application. Based on the environmental protection, innovation, safety and high efficiency concept, responding to the scientific and technological innovation, we have continued research and development of green products.

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Shanghai Shinge Biochemical Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016, and began basic technology research and development and application of the textile industry. From 2016 we expand our business in other industry field for large-scale promotion and application. As a high-tech enterprise, we adhering to the concept of promoting industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation, boosting cleaner production with green environment, adhering to the policy of safety and environmental protection, cooperating with relevant parties in the industry and optimizing resources, continuously providing high quality enzyme products and service.

  • Introduction of Acid Cellulase
    Introduction of Acid Cellulase SummaryAcid cellulase is a high-yield strain screened by Trichoderma Reesi mutagenesis and refined by liquid deep ventilation fermentation. The product is widely used in feed, textile, fuel ethanol, a... READ MORE >
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    Relevant Introduction of Pullulanase Enzyme Pullulanase eneyme is a kind of amylase, named for its specific hydrolysis of pullulanase, which belongs to the amylases.The pullulanase enzyme is a thermostable debranching enzyme applied at low pH. ... READ MORE >

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    Room 2008, #69(No.9 Mansion) Lane 1399 Husong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, 201615

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