• Acid Cellulase Enzyme (Powder)

    Cellulase is refined by liquid-deep fermentation and after-treatment. Cellulase is a group of enzymes that degrade cellulose to produce glucose. It is composed of endoglucanase (EG), ect.

  • Mannase

    β -Mannanase is a kind of hemicellulase that can hydrolyze β -1N 4 mannoside bond at random. The improved Pichia pastoris is refined by liquid-deep fermentation and post-treatment.

  • Alpha-amylase

    High temperature resistant Alpha Amylase is a highly effective biological preparation refined by deep fermentation and purification of Bacillus Licheniformis.This product has good heat resistant.

  • Acid Protease Enzyme

    Acidic protease is a highly effective biological preparation made from Aspergillus Niger by submerged fermentation and extraction. It can hydrolyze protein effectively under acidic pH.

  • Acid Lipase

    Acid Lipase is a kind of lipase extracted from Aspergillus Niger strain. Typical application fields include feed, food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields.Product characteristics.

  • Xylanase

    Trichoderma reesei or Pichia pastoris, which can express xylanase efficiently, is bred by genetic engineering and refined by submerged fermentation and post-treatment.

  • Glucanase

    The β-glucan enzyme is refined by using liquid fermentation and post treatment technology. β-glucanase can efficiently and exclusively decompose the glycoside bonds in β-glucanase.

  • High Temperature Resistant Phytase

    High temperature resistant phytase is prepared by liquid deep fermentation and post treatment. Phytase is a special kind of phosphomonophosphate hydrolysis enzyme, which catalyzes the hydrolysis.

  • Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie

    Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie is designed for the ramie degumming process of enzyme preparation products, and it is a biological preparation made of superior strain by deep fermentation.

  • Bio-Polishing Enzymes

    Textile enzyme is a highly effective neutral cellulase preparation produced by fermentation of trichoderma. Suitable for washing of towel fabric, can remove the surface hairiness, pellets, the treated towel fabric softer, fluffy and drape well.

We devoted to develop and produce innovative enzyme for feed stuff, textile, cleaner, paper making, brewing and etc. Such as acidic cellulase. Shanghai Shinge Biochemical Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016, and began basic technology research and development and application of the textile industry. From 2016 we expand our business in other industry field for large-scale promotion and application. As a high-tech enterprise, we adhering to the concept of promoting industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation


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