• Refining Enzyme for Flax

    Refining Enzyme for Flax is a product of enzymic preparations which is specially formulated for the flax degumming process. It is a biological preparation processed by eximious strains through submerged fermentation.

  • Desizing Enzyme ST201

    Enzymatic biorefinery system can replace the traditional scouring process with high alkaline pH and high temperature.Non damage to fiber, good handle, color of the denim remain glossy after being desizing.

  • Polishing Enzyme for Acid

    Acid polishing enzyme SS21 is a highly efficient acid cellulase preparation produced by Trichoderma fermentation. It is suitable for washing fabrics and garments of cotton-linen or blended fabric. It can remove surface hairiness, pellets, etc.

  • Neutral Desizing Enzyme for Textile

    No damage to fiber, good hand feel, denim color bright and standard after desizing, used in both medium and high temperature conditions, suitable for the various starch and slurry desizing of denim and woven grey cloth.

  • Neutral Cellulase (Powder/Liquid)

    Neutral Cellulase belongs to concentrated cellulase, which can be compound to the terminal product. This product can be applied to the softening process of cotton fabrics (including woven and hand fabrics).

  • High Temperature Desizing Enzymes

    This enzyme is a biologically active substance. It should be protected from exposure to direct sunlight and rain during storage and transportation. h2 light, high temperature and humidity will cause enzyme inactivation.

  • Pre-treated and Refined Enzymatic for Textile

    The product follows the global green textile, eco-friendly, human health and sustainable development process requirements.Moderate temperature operation: lower operating temperature can save energy / save cost.

  • Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase (Liquid)

    Suitable for treatment of fruit or vegetable pulp or pomace, has synergistic effect with pectinase and hemicellulase; can improve juice yield of the main material, reduce viscosity of liquid, increase sugar content and soluble solids.

  • Enhanced Enzymatic Hydrolysis For Waste Paper

    Mechanism of actionThis product is a multi-enzyme compound preparation made by genetically modified bacteria through deep fermentation of liquid, which is used for waste paper pulp pretreatment.

  • Paper Filteration Enzyme

    Improve the operating efficiency of the paper machine: reduce the fine fiber, improve the wet strength of the paper page, thus reduce the stopping frequency and improve the paper machine.

We devoted to develop and produce innovative enzyme for feed stuff, textile, cleaner, paper making, brewing and etc. Such as acidic cellulase. Shanghai Shinge Biochemical Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016, and began basic technology research and development and application of the textile industry. From 2016 we expand our business in other industry field for large-scale promotion and application. As a high-tech enterprise, we adhering to the concept of promoting industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation


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