• Enzymatic Deinking

    It reduces or eliminates use of chemicals such as caustic soda, sodium silicate, hydrogen peroxide, and a chelating agent,reduce scale problem of equipment and pipeline, improve efficiency of equipment and alleviate pollution to environment.

  • Beating Enzyme

    This product is biological preparation. It should avoid high temperature and direct sunlight during transportation and storage. The product should be kept away from light.

  • Stickies Control Enzyme

    1. Reduce adhesion of paper rewinding; 2. Reduce paper holes; 3. Reduce the break and stop time; 4. Reduce the cleaning strength of the carpet; 5. Improve the service life of the carpet; 6. Save steam consumption.

  • Alkaline Protease

    Appearance requirements: tan-brown powder preparation, with normal microbial fermentation product smell;Enzyme activity: ≥80,000u/g;The pH value of the alkaline protease uses: 9-12, and the optimum pH value is 9.0-10.5.

  • Rice Proteolytic Enzyme

    Dosage: material concentration 10-15%, with 0.2-1% enzyme amount, 6-8h hydrolysis time (determined by customers' production requirements); Temperature: 55℃-58℃; pH: 8.0-8.5; Application field: functional food, health food.

  • Alpha Glucoamylase

    The enzyme can hydrolyze the c-1, 4 bonds successively from the end of the starch chain, At the same time, starch can be slowly hydrolyzed into glucose by the bond 1,6. 1 ml of enzyme solution.

  • Glucoamylase

    Heavy metals (Pb)% less than 0.004; The total number of colonies CFU/mL is less than 50000. Coli group MPN/100mL is less than 3000. Mold CFU/mL is less than 200. Salmonella should not be detected.

  • Fungal Glucoamylase

    It is a product with high purity and high enzyme activity, which is made of Aspergillus oryzae through deep liquid fermentation and multistage extraction.

  • Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase

    Product overview:Mesothermal Alpha Glucoamylase is extracted by Bacillus any breach No.BF7658 after liquid culture and fermentation, which can efficiently catalyze the hydrolysis of starch.

  • Heat Stable Alpha Glucomaylase

    Product overview:Heat stable alpha Glucoamylase was extracted from Bacillus licheniform is NO.2709 after fermentation. The strain was identified as safe by FDA.

We devoted to develop and produce innovative enzyme for feed stuff, textile, cleaner, paper making, brewing and etc. Such as acidic cellulase. Shanghai Shinge Biochemical Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016, and began basic technology research and development and application of the textile industry. From 2016 we expand our business in other industry field for large-scale promotion and application. As a high-tech enterprise, we adhering to the concept of promoting industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation


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