Stickies Control Enzyme
Stickies Control Enzyme
  • Stickies Control Enzyme

  • Stickies control agents have been applied to waste paper pulping and papermaking with remarkable effect and has been used steadily by many enterprises.

Mechanism of Action

Adhesives are organic substances with a large amount of hydrophobicity, which can be divided into large adhesive particles and small adhesive particles according to the particle size. The production of harmful adhesive is caused by large adhesive particles of >0.1mm. These hydrophobic substances are mainly adhesives, among which one of the main sources of vinyl acetate (PVAc) is an important cause of adhesives problems.

The treatment and change of vinyl acetate (PVAc) can achieve the control of adhesives, which can effectively hydrolyze vinyl acetate. The product after hydrolysis can be stably dispersed on the surface of the fiber, while the surface viscosity is reduced, making it possible to agglomerate into large adhesive particles. And it can adhere to the fiber surface with the paper out of the system without causing the quality of the paper to decline so that stickies affect the production of the phenomenon can be effectively controlled.

Advantages of Adhesive Control Enzyme

1. Reduce adhesion of paper rewinding
2. Reduce paper holes
3. Reduce the break and stop time
4. Reduce the cleaning strength of the carpet
5. Improve the service life of the carpet
6. Save steam consumption

Adhesive Control Enzyme Process Conditions

The temperature: 25 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
PH value: natural
Time: More than 45 min
Usage: 60g ~ 200g/ ton.
Use method: Add water to make sure the enzyme and water mix well.

Adhesive Control Enzyme Characteristics

This product is light brown transparent liquid with slightly fermented fragrance.

Adhesive Control Enzyme Packing Specification

25 kg/barrel, we can also customize according to customer's demand.

Adhesive Control Enzyme Transport Storage

This product is biological preparation. It should avoid high temperature and direct sunlight during transportation and storage. The product should be kept away from light.

Matters Needing Attention

After the product is opened, it should be used in a timely manner. This product is non-toxic, harmless and non-corrosive. This product cannot be used in food, feed, and other industries.

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