Alkaline Protease
Alkaline Protease
  • Alkaline Protease

  • Alkaline protease was extracted by liquid culture of Bacillus licheniformis NO.2709. This product is an enzyme preparation catalyzing protein hydrolysis under alkaline condition (PH during 9-12). It is suitable for industries such as enzymatic detergent, leather depilation, silk degumming, and protein hydrolysis.

Alkaline Protease Components

Acid protease, stabilizer, dispersant

Specifications/Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Alcalase

  • Appearance requirements: tan-brown powder preparation, with normal microbial fermentation product smell;
  • Enzyme activity: ≥80,000u/g;
  • The pH value of the alkaline protease uses: 9-12, and the optimum pH value is 9.0-10.5;
  • Effect of temperature: 40-45 ℃;
  • Effects of calcium ions: calcium, manganese ions have a protective activation of it, copper, mercury ions have an inhibition of it.

Definition of Enzyme Activity

Under the condition of 40 ℃ and pH 10.5, 1 g of solid powder enzyme hydrolyze casein within 1 minute to produce 1 mu g enzyme tyrosine as a unit.

Alkaline Protease Packing

Carton or non-toxic polyester bag packaging, 20kg/ bag (box); 25kg/ bag (box)

Alkaline Protease Storage

Store in a dry place with low temperature to avoid high temperature and humidity.

The Period of Validity

25 ℃, 6 months, you can keep the enzymatic activity 90% or higher.

Safety Matters

Enzymes are proteins that can cause allergies or allergic reactions in certain people. Prolonged contact may cause discomfort in the skin, eyes, and nasal mucosa. Therefore, any overflow, even a small overflow should be cleaned up in time. Wash the enzyme solution immediately on the skin or eyes with water and seek guidance from a specialist.
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