• α-amylase

  • α-amylase, widely used in baking, starch sugar, alcohol, fermentation, juice processing, and other industries, was extracted from Bacillus Subtilis by deep fermentation.

Ⅰ. α-amylase Principle

α-amylase, a kind of endoglycosidase, has an effect on wheat starch. α-amylase can rapidly hydrolyze the -1,4 glycosidic bonds in amylose and amylopectin to produce maltose, malt trisaccharide, glucose and oligosaccharide, thus reducing the viscosity of starch and dextrin. In the production of fermented food such as bread and steamed bread, the enzyme can hydrolyze flour to provide fermentable sugar for yeast.

Ⅱ. α-amylase Effects

1. Obviously improve the softness of bread core, delay starch aging and prolong shelf life
2. Improve the surface color and increase product volume

Ⅲ. α-amylase Working Conditions

The product alpha amylase enzyme is in the best working under pH 4.5-9.0 and temperature 20-70℃. Above or below the  condition, the activity will decrease. Heavy metal ion or cationic surface active agent has an inhibiting effect on α-amylase, which should be avoided.

IV. α-amylase Dosage

The product alpha amylase enzyme activity is 10,000u/g. It should be evenly mixed with flour and other raw materials or dissolved in water before using. The recommend dosage is 20-100ppm for 20-100g/t flour( according to the amount of flour ). The dosage can be appropriately adjust base the specific requirements and technology process.

V. α-amylase Physical Data

1. Activity: 10,000u/g
2. Appearance: light yellow or yellowish-brown powder. Different product colors do not influence the application effect.

VII. α-amylase Packaging Specification

1000g/bag, 20bag/box

VIII. α-amylase Storage

α-amylase is bio-active substance which should be avoided high temperature ( above 35℃ ) and direct sunlight exposure. The warehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry. The shelf life is 12 month under the room temperature ( 25℃ ).

IX. matters need attention in the use of α-amylase

1) Alpha amylase enzyme should be used in time after opening.
2) The product α-amylase is non-toxic, harmless and non-corrosive, wash with water if get direct contact with it.

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