Desizing Enzyme ST201
Desizing Enzyme ST201
  • Desizing Enzyme ST201

  • ST201 desizing enzyme can decompose starch, starch derivatives and starch / Synthetic Size Mixture on the fabric, which can quickly convert starch into dextrin, reduce viscosity and make it easy to be thoroughly removed in subsequent washing. Enzyme desizing can get the ideal effect of desizing starch thoroughly without damaging the fabric and getting a good handle. Enzyme treatment ensures the thoroughness and safety of desizing.

    The current methods of production of Xiongjin Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are the advanced biotechnology in the world. ST201 is a unique enzyme preparation which is genetically modified. It is naturally fermented by microorganism and can be biodegraded.

Desizing Enzyme ST201 Advantage

  • Enzymatic biorefinery system can replace the traditional scouring process with high alkaline pH and high temperature. ST201 has the following characteristics:
  • Non damage to fiber, good handle, the color of the denim remain glossy after being desizing.
  • Reduce the application amount of chemicals
  • Suitable for both medium and high temperature conditions
  • It is suitable for desizing kinds of starch size of denim and woven fabric

Desizing Enzyme ST201 Application Guide

The following guidelines are based on conventional processes and production conditions. Depending on local water quality, size composition and fabric type, users are requested to verify the appropriate dosage and conditions according to the experiment to suit their formulated process and application.

Long cars, jigger, dyeing machine and rolling coil can be used. For heavy fabrics, it is recommended to pre wash and add non-ionic penetrant, and squeeze water before impregnation. Adding desizing enzyme in the mixing liquid tank, adjusting the pH value before adding enzyme, and combining the desizing process with appropriate penetrating agent can get better effect.

Desizing Enzyme ST201 Operating Parameter

Process parameters Operating range Optimum range
Dosage 1 g/L ~2 g/L 1 g/L ~2 g/L
pH 5.0~7.0 7
Temperature 25℃~95℃ 50℃~95℃
Time 1min~1H Adjust according to speed, technology and desizing rate

Desizing Enzyme ST201 Characteristics

  • Appearance: Yellow or brown liquids (colors may vary slightly depending on batch size and do not represent enzyme activity) with a slightly fermented odor
  • Packing: liquid 25Kg / barrel.
  • Storage: store at or below 25 ℃ to extend shelf life. It should be used immediately after the cover was opened.
  • Corrosion: This product has no corrosion to the equipment.
  • Safety: Avoid inhaling enzyme dust or enzyme fog. If it spills on the skin or eyes, rinse with water immediately for more than 15 minutes.
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