Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie
Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie
  • Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie

  • Operating manual of the enzymatic degumming of ramie fiber: This enzymatic degumming of ramie is designed for the ramie degumming process of enzyme preparation products, as well as a biological preparation made of superior strain by deep fermentation.

Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie Features and Ingredients

This product is tawny or dark brown liquid. Enzymatic degumming of ramie is mainly raw hemp in addition to the cellulose gum. It mainly includes lignin, hemicellulose, pectin, wax and other symbiotic impurities. This special enzyme preparation specially designed for the degumming of ramie is mainly used to remove the adhesion of raw hemp fiber bundles and inlaid viscous substances (mainly made of pectin, hemicellulose and mannose), so as to make the fiber fully alienated. A small amount of caustic soda is used to fully enter into the fiber to achieve the purpose of degumming, so as to achieve the effect of pretreatment refinement of ramie and its blended fabric. And the strength of the fiber itself will not be reduced, it can maximize the strength of the fiber.

Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie Effect

1. Comprehensively improve the textile spinnability. The main performance is that the strength of the fiber is not damaged and the spinnability is enhanced.

2. Comprehensively lift the dyeing effect of yarn and textile. The main performance is to improve the dyeing performance and the rate of defective dyeing, soft feel of the fabric and bright surface.

3. Green, environment-friendly, effective energy saving and consumption reduction to achieve cleaner production. It is mainly reflected in low energy consumption, reduction of TDS, COD and BOD index in wastewater, and effective reduction of environmental pollution.

4. Shorten processing time and reduce comprehensive cost. It is mainly manifested in reducing the amount of alkali, acid (neutralization) and water (large amount of cleaning), reducing the pressure of sewage treatment and reducing sewage treatment costs.

Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie Description

Description: brown or dark brown liquid
Activity index: 2000U/ml
Matters needing attention:
This product is biological active substance, should be kept in low temperature, dry place, avoid direct sunlight and long-term contact with the outside world. Enzymes are proteins that can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, any overflow, even a small amount of overflow should be cleaned in a timely manner, and the enzyme solution on the skin or eyes should be immediately cleaned with water.

Enzymatic Degumming of Ramie Storage

The product has a shelf life of 6 months under the condition of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The shelf-life of the product is 12 months at a temperature of 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. Please use it in time after opening.

Operating manual of the product:
This product is designed for the ramie degumming process of enzyme preparation products.
This product is a biological preparation made of superior strain by deep fermentation.
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