Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase (Liquid)
Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase (Liquid)
  • Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase (Liquid)

  • As a high-tech incubator, Xiongjin Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has an independent enzyme preparation research and development team. It tracks the textile industry all the year round and specializes in the application of enzyme technology in the textile industry. Cellulase WENATC-003 is a cellulolytic enzyme prepared by liquid submerged fermentation and advanced post-extraction process of Trichoderma viride strain and contains certain hemicellulase.

Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase Advantages

1. It is suitable for the treatment of fruit or vegetable pulp or pomace, and has synergistic effect with pectinase and hemicellulase;
2. It can improve the juice yield of the main material, reduce the viscosity of the liquid, increase the sugar content and the content of soluble solids;
3. It can improve the filtration speed of ultrafiltration, microfiltration and plate and frame filtration, and extend the service life of ultrafiltration membrane or microfiltration membrane;
4. It can destroy the plant cell wall and promote the release of effective substances in the cells, which is suitable for the production of plant extracts.

Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase Process conditions

Cellulase activity ≥5000 IU/ml(g)
Enzyme Activity Definition (IU): The amount of enzyme required to produce 1 μmol of reducing sugar (in terms of glucose) by hydrolyzing the substrate CMC-Na for 1 minute at 50 ° C, pH 4.8 is 1 enzyme unit.

Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase Product Trait

The solid dosage form of the product is light yellow particles; the liquid dosage form is reddish brown. It is suitable for pH 4.0-6.5, the optimum pH is 4.6, the effective temperature range is 30-70 °C, and the optimum temperature is 50 °C. The enzyme components were completely inactivated under the conditions of maintaining the temperature above 80 ° C for 5 min.

Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase Packing Specification

Packing: Liquid 25Kg / barrel.
Storage: Store at 25 ° C or lower to extend shelf life. Please use it immediately after lid opened.

Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase Transport & Storage

This product is a biologically active substance. It should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and rain during storage and transportation. h2 light, high temperature and humidity will cause enzyme inactivation. Store at 25 ° C or less and the indicated enzyme activity is maintained for at least 6 months.

Enzymatic for Acidic Cellulase Precautions

1. After opening the bag or opening the barrel, if it is not used up, tighten the bag mouth or tighten the lid to protect it from moisture or pollution.
2. For people who are sensitive to enzyme dust, inhaled enzyme dust may cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, when using solid enzyme preparations, operators should wear overalls, dust masks and gloves. Do not let the powder splash into the eyes, mouth or nose. If there is any contact, rinse immediately with water.

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