Enzymes Used In Paper Industry


Enzymes Used In Paper Industry

Through synergistic reaction of various enzymes system on fibers: enzymes used in paper industry makes the fibers separate effectively and open the fiber code, soften availably the fibroblast and increase the permeability of fibers, and have the fibers suck the water fully, leveling up the beating effect and lowering down its consumption. Enzymes used in pulp and paper industry reduces the cohesion of fibers so as to the fibers become more flexible, which favors them to fibration, pushing the fibers to get more chances for spit longitudinally and lessening the cutting off crosswise, further protecting the fibers. Enzymes in paper industry breaks the primary wall of fibers, which benefits the outer sphere of the secondary wall to peel off so that the fibers can be completely separated and broomed, strengthening the bonding among them. Enzymes used in paper industry lowers the power consumption/gas consumption, raises the operational efficiency of paper machine and improve the quality of paper.

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