Food Enzyme


Food Enzyme

Food enzymes stands out with its special biocatalytic ability being concentrated on catalyzing, reacting quickly and being natural and environmental, which will increase the production efficiency and output, improve the favor and quality if added during the process-cycle. It can be extensively applied in amylum, brewing, juices, condiment and oil processing. Diastase is able to liquefy and saccharify amylum, cellulase and pectinase can be used for garden stuff, chymosin can improve the favors of diary, and protease can be applied to produce cheese, tenderize the meat and change the property of vegetable proteins. Application of enzymes in food industry is a lot such as enzymes in food processing, enzymes in fruits and vegetables, amylase enzyme supplement, amylase in food industry, baking enzymes etc. Amylase application in food industry is also abvious. We Shingenzyme offer the best food digestive enzymes/best food enzymes for digestion on with competitive price.

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