• Lipase

  • Lipase comes from Aspergillus Niger and is produced and refined in accordance with the unique fermentation process. Welcome to buy lipase enzyme powder from Shingenzyme. Quality lipase enzyme for sale now! Application of lipase enzyme is a lot like fungal lipase enzyme.

Lipase Features

1. Lipase mainly acts on α position. In addition, it also selectively acts on long-chain and medium-chain fatty acids.

2. The optimal pH is 7.0. Valid range: pH5.0~7.0.

3. The optimum temperature is 45 ℃, it is a kind of enzyme preparation with good thermal stability.

4. It is a light yellow-brown to light brown powder.

Lipase Specifications

The activity of lipase

Lipase Storage method

Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry place at room temperature.

Lipase Lipase Packing

10Kg/18L per tank

Matters Needing Attention

1. Do not breathe into the body.
2. if enzymes are exposed to skin or eyes, wash with water immediately.
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