• Mannase

  •  β -Mannanase is a kind of hemicellulase that can hydrolyze β -1N 4 mannoside bond at random. The improved Pichia pastoris is refined by liquid-deep fermentation and post-treatment. β -mannanase can degrade mannan-a bifidobacterium growth factor. β -mannanase is widely used in food and feed industry, papermaking and petroleum mining industry.

Definition of Enzyme Activity

the amount of enzyme required to release 1 μ mol reducing sugar per minute from a solution with concentration of 3mg/mL (Sigma G0753) at pH of 5.5 ~ 37 ℃ is a unit of activity (U).

Mannase Appearance

Powder: light yellow powder, good fluidity 40 mesh screening rate≥90%, dry weight loss ≤10%
Liquid: Brown or light yellow liquid, density 1.1-1.2 g / ml

Beta Mannanase Enzyme Specification

Liquid: 30 kg / barrel, 200kg / barrel, 1000kg / barrel
Powder: 25kg / bag
Enzyme activity: 20000u/g(mL);50000u/g(mL)
Special packaging specifications or enzyme activities can be customized according to customers' needs.

Mannase Features

Advanced production technology: high mannanase enzyme activity, good stability and uniformity;
High efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis: It uses genetic engineering technology to improve fermentation strains and decomposes mannan and high efficiency.
The optimum range of pH is wide: the optimal range of pH is 3.0-7.0, which accords with the physiological characteristics of animal intestine;
h2 resistance: It is tolerant to protease, acid and granulation temperature, more suitable for using in feed.

Mannase Efficacy

It can transform Mannan into Mannan Oligosaccharide with health function, improve animal immunity and reduce the use of antibiotics. It can raise the utilization rate of energy for poultry and poultry, increase the uniformity of poultry production, and reduce differences. It can improve the nutritional value of grain feed such as soybean meal to make it more efficient. It can reduce the incidence of poultry and promote the healthy growth of animals.

Mannase Usage

When this product is used, it should be mixed with a small amount of pre-mixed feed first, then amplified step by step, and then added to the feed.
Adjust the formula: Adding this product can reduce the amount of 50-100kcal/kg in the feed formula and reduce the formula cost.

Mannase Note

1.Storage and transportation: This product is a bio-active substance. It can avoid exposure to rain, h2 light, high temperature and humidity during storage and transportation. It should be stored below 25 ℃and the labeled enzyme activity can be maintained for at least 6 months.

2.Note: This product is not combustible and can be safely mixed with water. Avoid contact with the body or inhalation of dry powder. Flush or accidentally contact with skin or eyes should be rinsed immediately.
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