Paper Filteration Enzyme
Paper Filteration Enzyme
  • Paper Filteration Enzyme

  • According to the characteristics of pulp in waste paper and paper industry, this product selectively degraded water-soluble colloids and some useless fiber particles in the pulp, so as to improve the water removal of the pulp and water permeability of paper machines.

Advantages of Paper Filteration Enzyme

1. The water filtration capacity of the network is significantly improved, and the waterline is significantly shortened;

2. The pressure speed ratio is significantly reduced, and the speed can be increased by 3% to 10%;

3. The net load reduction 15-30%;

4. Reduce loss: reduce the concentration of white water under the network by 8% to 25%; Retention rate increased;

5. Reduce drying steam consumption and reduce steam consumption by 4-8%;

6. Improve the operating efficiency of the paper machine: reduce the fine fiber, improve the wet strength of the paper page, thus reduce the stopping frequency and improve the paper machine.

Paper Filteration Enzyme Process Conditions

The temperature: 15 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
PH value: natural
Time: 0.5 ~ 6h
Usage: 80g ~ 150g/ ton.
Use method: Add water to make sure the enzyme and water mix well.

Paper Filteration Enzyme Characteristics

This product is light brown transparent liquid with slightly fermented fragrance.

Paper Filteration Enzyme Packing Specification

25 kg/barrel, we can also customize according to customer's demand.

Paper Filteration Enzyme Transport Storage

This product is biological preparation. It should avoid high temperature and direct sunlight during transportation and storage. The product should be kept away from light.

Matters Attention

After the product is opened, it should be used in a timely manner. This product is non-toxic, harmless and non-corrosive. This product cannot be used in food, feed, and other industries.

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