Polishing Enzyme for Acid
Polishing Enzyme for Acid
  • Polishing Enzyme for Acid

  • Acid polishing enzyme SS21 is a highly efficient acid cellulase preparation produced by Trichoderma fermentation. It is suitable for washing fabrics and garments of cotton-linen or blended fabric. It can remove surface hairiness, pellets and color rejection effect. The treated fabrics are softer, fluffier and have better drapability also wearing hemp fabrics without the prickle sensation. This product has no pollution to equipment, environment and fabric, and has mild processing conditions. 

Polishing Enzyme for Acid performance

1. Remove the hairiness and pellets from the fabric surface;
2. Make the fabric surface lighter;
3. Keep the original color of the fabric;
4. Strengthen the stone washing effect of denim fabrics and garments;
5. The reduction of fabric weight makes it softer and has better draping;
6. No backstaining to the fabric.

Polishing Enzyme for Acid Usage method

  • End-use temperature:  45 - 55 ℃, Optimum service temperature
  • PH:5.5-7.5, the best p H is 6.5;
  • Dosage: 0.4-1% (O, W, f), the greater the dosage, the more significant the effect is.
  • Bath ratio: 1:8-1:1 5;
  • No acid regulation is needed;
  • Enzyme elimination: enzyme should be immediately deactivated after washing to prevent overtreatment of fabrics.

Enzyme can be killed by any of the following methods:

1. heat up to 80 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.
2. adjust the PH to be 9-10 and the temperature to be above 60 ℃ for 10 minutes.
3. bleaching.

Polishing Enzyme for Acid Attributes

  • Appearance: light solid powder or dark liquid.
  • PH:5.5 - 7.5;
  • Odor: no special odor.
  • Storage: store in cool and dry place, and the loss of enzyme activity was less than 5% per three months..
  • Corrosion: This product has no corrosion to the equipment.
  • Injury: This product is harmless to the skin. If you accidentally stain the skin, rinse immediately with clean water.
  • Packing: standard packing, powder 25kg / barrel, liquid 30kg / barrel.
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