Refining Enzyme for Flax
Refining Enzyme for Flax
  • Refining Enzyme for Flax

  • This product is a product of enzymic preparations which is specially formulated for the flax degumming process. And it is a biological preparation processed by eximious strains through submerged fermentation.

Refining Enzyme for Flax Features and Ingredients

This refining enzyme for flax is a bioactive substance. The main component is compound enzyme preparation.
Character: buff liquid
Vitality index: 4000U/ml
Usage method:
Dosage: 0.5%~1.5%/ raw material;  Bath ratio: 1:5 to1:12;
PH value: 6.5~8.5;
Time: more than 2 hours

Mechanism of Action

Flax degumming mainly aims to the colloid except cellulose in the raw hemp, which mainly includes lignin, hemicellulose, pectin, wax and other symbiotic impurities. This enzyme preparation which is specially designed for flax degumming mainly removes the sticky substances of adhesions and inlay (mainly pectin, hemicellulose, mannan) from the fiber bundle of raw hemp, making the fibers fully separate, and then use a small amount of caustic soda to fully seep into the fiber, to achieve the effect of degumming and the scouring results of the pretreatment of flax and its blended fabric while it won’t decrease the fiber strength and can maximize it, forming a unique fabric style of enzyme pretreatment.

Refining Enzyme for Flax Effect

1. Comprehensively improving textile spinnability. Mainly manifestations are: no damage to fiber strength and enhancing the spinnability.

2. Comprehensively improving the dyeing effect of yarn and fabric. The main performances are as follows: improving dyeing properties, enhancing levelling property, increasing colour yield, decreasing dyeing defective rate, and the fabric feels soft and glossy.

3. Green environmental protection and effectively realizing energy saving and lower consumption to achieve clean production. The main features are: low energy consumption, low index of TDS, COD and BOD in wastewater, effectively reducing environmental pollution.

4. Shorten processing time and cut composite cost. The main features are: reducing the dosage of alkali, acid(to neutralize) and water(to abundantly cleanse): relieving the pressure and cutting the cost of sewage disposal.

Matters Attention

This product is a bioactivator, which should be preserved at a cool and dry place and stored away from direct sunlight and avoid being exposed to the environment. Enzymic preparations are proteins that can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, any spills, even a small amount of spills should be promptly cleaned up and any enzyme solution on the skin and eyes should be washed with clean water immediately.

Refining Enzyme for Flax Storage

The shelf life of the tightly sealed product is 6 months at 15 to 25 degrees Celsius under dark and dry conditions and 12 months at 5 to 15 degrees Celsius under cold, dark and dry conditions. Please finish soon after opening.
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