Rice Proteolytic Enzyme
Rice Proteolytic Enzyme
  • Rice Proteolytic Enzyme

  • Rice proteolytic enzyme, mainly composed of protein endonuclease and protein endonuclease, developed and manufactured by Shinge Group, is a special compound enzyme preparation which is used to hydrolyze rice protein (protein contents 60-85%) into soluble Rice protein peptide and free amino acid. Moreover, it can improve the flavor of rice protein hydrolysate and make the final products have the characteristics of rice protein, such as special aroma, mild bitterness and strong taste etc. Our rice proteolytic enzyme has been widely applied rice protein food processing.

Rice Proteolytic Enzyme Feature:

1.Short hydrolysis time, good application effect, high polypeptide conversion rate , flavor and the nutrition value is enhanced.
2.The main component is active protein, which is pure natural, safe, non-toxic and strong hydrolysis ability.
3.Widely applied in functional food and greatly improve its efficacy. Protein solubility is increased and the flavor of hydrolysate is improved obviously.
4. Using bioengineering technology, microfiltration, ultrafiltration membrane separation and vacuum freeze-drying technology, the quantity of microorganism is strictly controlled, and the product quality reaches the quality standard of food grade.

Appearance: light yellow powder or white powder
Application field: functional food, health food
pH: 8.0-8.5
Temperature: 55℃-58℃
Dosage: material concentration 10-15%, with 0.2-1% enzyme amount, 6-8h hydrolysis time (determined by customers’ production requirements)

Enzyme deactivation:
Above 85℃ for 15 min, Rice proteolytic enzyme will deactivate. Enzyme inactivation is determined by substrate concentration, pH value and temperature.

Rice Proteolytic Enzyme Storage:

1)Avoid strong light and keep in cool and dry environment.
2)Storage temperature: Below zero
3)Store too long or adverse storage conditions will result in enzyme activity lost. Increase usage appropriately if the temperature and humidity is excessive.

Rice Proteolytic Enzyme Safety:

For some sensitive people, directly intake of highly concentrated enzyme powder or fog drops, may cause allergy. too long exposure may stimulate the skin, eyes and mucosal tissue.During the operation, it is recommended to wear masks, eye masks and other protective equipment. The remaining or spilled enzyme powder should be treated in time. For a large amount of spilled enzyme powder, it should be gently swept back to the container.
Rice proteolytic enzyme is a kind of bioactive protein, which is easy to be inhibited and destroyed by heavy metal ions (Fe3+, Cu2+, Hg+, Pb+, etc.) and oxidant.

Rice Proteolytic Enzyme Packaging:

Aluminum plastic bag, 1kg×10bag/box; 1kg×20bag/box
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