Application and Reaction Principle of Feed Enzyme


Application and Reaction Principle of Feed Enzyme

What is an enzyme? Enzyme is not only an additive, but also an active protein. We use a very small amount of enzymes to release more nutrients, so the feed industry is also a low-carbon industry, green industry. Of course, we also have higher expectations for enzymes, which can promote animal digestion, improve feed utilization and increase economic benefits. Enzyme preparations are ubiquitous in our life. Enzyme preparations are used in every industry, from food to wine to oil. Among them, the number of enzymes used in feed industry is still relatively large.

Among the feed enzymes, phytase is the first kind of feed single enzyme preparation, which can reduce the amount of calcium hydrogen phosphate from 20 kg/t to 5-10 kg/t. If the ratio of other feed materials is appropriate, it can even be achieved that no additional calcium hydrogen phosphate is added and only phytase is added. Therefore, phytase has high environmental and economic value, and has also made great contributions to the feed industry. Enzyme is a kind of protein with catalytic reaction ability. In addition, recent studies have shown that some nucleic acids can also play the same catalytic role as enzymes. At present, the definition of enzymes is broader than before.

Enzyme is a kind of active substance, and its reaction needs specific conditions. The reaction conditions of feed enzymes in poultry nutrition preparation and industrial enzyme preparation are also different. For example, amylase, mainly divided into high-temperature amylase, medium-temperature amylase and low-temperature amylase. The optimum temperature for high-temperature amylase enzyme is 90-110 ℃, and the optimum temperature for medium-temperature amylase enzyme is 50-60 C. The optimum temperature for feed is low-temperature amylase enzyme, which has high activity at about 40℃. Previously, the application of amylase in feed was basically medium temperature, and its role was limited.

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