Application Of Acid Cellulase Enzyme Liquid In Dyeing And Finishing


Application Of Acid Cellulase Enzyme Liquid In Dyeing And Finishing

As a kind of biological preparation, acid cellulase enzyme liquid is non-toxic and harmless. Its development and application conform to the requirements of green production, processing and sustainable development, and has broad application prospects. After enzymatic washing, the appearance and handle of cellulose fabrics are greatly improved. The texture of the fabric is clear and reaches the glossy degree of singeing; it has a light touch and a permanent soft handle; the water absorption and water retention are improved; the pilling property is improved; the removal of the surface fuzz increases the smoothness and good drapability of the fabric; due to the enlargement of the pore and capillary of the fiber after enzymatic washing, the molecule of the softener can be used in the softening treatment. Entering these holes and capillaries enhances the lubrication between fibers and yarns with super soft effect.
With the development of high-tech and environmental requirements, ecological consolidation technology is constantly emerging. Acid cellulase enzyme liquid is one of the ecological finishing technologies. Because enzymes can accelerate the rate of chemical reaction and have the characteristics of high efficiency, specificity and mild reaction conditions, their chemical essence is protein, so they can be biodegraded and are environmentally friendly. The application of enzymes in dyeing and finishing has been expanding due to the following advantages of enzymatic treatment:
It can greatly improve the reaction speed and save time.
It only acts on specific substrates and has little or no damage to the matrix.
The reaction conditions were mild.
Safe operation and easy control;
It can replace strong acids, alkalis and other chemicals.
Non-toxic and biodegradable;
It can reduce water and energy consumption.
Therefore, the application of acid cellulase enzyme liquid in dyeing and finishing is expanding, mainly from the aspects of bio-reduction of cotton knitted fabric, super-soft finishing, polishing to improve pilling and printing effect.

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