Application of Alpha Amylase in Medical and Pharmaceutical industry


Application of Alpha Amylase in Medical and Pharmaceutical industry

In order to make up for the low sensitivity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), alpha amylase powder (a-Amy) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in ovarian serological diagnosis, the combined detection of LDH, -Amy and CEA was carried out. Clinical trials have confirmed that the combined detection of the three, with any two of them as positive, can improve the positive detection rate of ovarian cancer, and contribute to the differential diagnosis of ovarian cancer and benign ovarian tumors.

Analyzing the binding ability of Streptococcus sanguis bacteria to alpha salivary amylase can effectively identify different strains of Streptococcus sanguis. Studying the relationship between salivary alpha amylase and adherence of Streptococcus cariogenicus can provide a theoretical basis for the etiological study and prevention of caries.

Ergotryptin is a pharmacologically active alkaloid, which can be used to treat hypertension and peripheral vascular tissue disorders. Using the hydrolysate of starch by alpha amylase as carbon source, ergot was cultured by fermentation, and ergot yields were higher.

Aspergillus Niger alpha amylase is suitable for the manufacture of digestive AIDS because of its acid resistance. The development of acid resistant alpha amylase suitable for the acid environment of stomach for the preparation of digestive AIDS will make the medical effect more effective.

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