Application Of Animal Feed Enzyme In Feed


Application Of Animal Feed Enzyme In Feed

In the 1950s, people have realized the role of animal feed enzymes in feedstuffs. However, due to the high cost of production, the progress is slow. In the 1980s, due to the great progress of microbial fermentation industry, the application of animal feed enzymes has entered a rapid development stage, and has made remarkable achievements both in academic research and in technical application. Subsequently, domestic companies also invested in the production of enzymes, and now have produced unique lipase, glucose oxidase, cellulase and other enzymes.

There are many kinds of animal feed enzymes, and lipase is one of them. The endogenous enzymes secreted by juvenile animals are less. When adult animals are in pathological and stress state, the endogenous enzymes may also produce secretory disturbance or decrease. Adding the enzyme in feed can release fatty acids, improve energy utilization of fat feed materials, increase and improve the flavor and flavor of feed, improve the appetite of livestock, and have certain therapeutic effect on local inflammation.

How to avoid shortcomings and seek long? At present, most of the methods of coating are chosen, but the cost of adding coated lipase makes many feed factories hesitate. In the production process of lipase, if the carrier of enzyme preparation uses maltodextrin and maltodextrin puffing, it has a certain similar effect on the enzyme activity and reduces the problem of lipase reacting with feed in advance. How to control the amount of additives to prevent slight rancidity in feed and reduce the influence of feed flavor? Oils and fats are essential raw materials for energy feed. Generally, corn oil and mixed oil are added in the feed, while olive oil, soybean oil and animal oil are added in a few. These oils are easy to react with lipase in advance and become rancid. Attention should be paid to the addition of lipase in the feed.

The application of lipase needs to be combined with the amount of oil added in the formula to add properly. I advise you to choose a big brand when choosing a product, so that your product will also be guaranteed.

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