Application of Cellulase Enzyme in Food Fermentation


Application of Cellulase Enzyme in Food Fermentation

1. Application of Cellulase Enzyme Powder in Soy Sauce Brewing

Soy sauce is a kind of flavoring cellulase with rich nutritional value. It can decompose the natural cellulose in the raw material, destroy the cell wall of the grain in the raw material and assist the aspergillus oryzae enzyme system in three aspects.

Soy sauce brewing needs strong protease activity. In order to fully expose soybean protease from tissues, plant disintegrative enzyme activity (pectinase, hemicellulase and cellulase, etc.) is also needed.

Cellulase enzyme preparation is used in the production of solid salt-free soy sauce, which strengthens the breakdown of raw material structure, makes the protein exposed, facilitates the protein decomposition by protease, improves the yield of soy sauce, accelerates the fermentation speed, increases the reducing sugar and chroma in soy sauce, improves the flavor and quality of soy sauce, shortens the production cycle, and has obvious effect.

2. The Role of Cellulase Enzyme in Vinegar Brewing

In the vinegar brewing process, the use of cellulase and glucoamylase can significantly improve the utilization of raw materials and yield. When cellulase was used in liquid fermentation to produce vinegar, the yield of alcohol, vinegar and the yield of main material were significantly increased.

3. Application of Cellulase Enzyme in Ethanol Production

Most of the raw materials for alcohol production are corn, sorghum, cassava, dried potatoes and so on. In addition to rich starch, these raw materials also contain a certain proportion of cellulose, hemicellulose and other carbohydrates.

Adding cellulase enzyme in alcoholic fermentation can significantly improve the yield of alcohol and liquor and the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the viscosity of mash and shorten the fermentation time. If wild plant starch is used as raw material for fermentation industry, the utilization rate of raw materials will be improved more obviously by adding cellulase enzyme.

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