Application of Cellulase Enzyme in Food Processing


Application of Cellulase Enzyme in Food Processing

1. Processing of Fruits and Vegetables

Most of the fruit and vegetable materials contain cellulose in varying degrees. In the process of fruit and vegetable processing, appropriate treatment with cellulase enzyme can soften the plant tissue, improve the taste and simplify the process.

The degradation of cellulose by cellulase enzyme powder can promote the extraction and clarification of fruit juice, increase the content of soluble solids, and make comprehensive use of peel residue. At present, enzymatic hydrolysis of citrus peel residue has been successfully used to produce whole fruit beverage, in which 50% of crude fibers are degraded into short chain oligosaccharides. Dietary fibers in whole fruit beverage have certain health and medical value.

2. Application of cellulase enzyme in soybean processing and instant noodles

The cellulase enzyme used to treat soybean can promote its peeling, at the same time, because it can destroy cell wall, make the protein and oil contained in it completely separate, increase the yield of high-quality water-soluble protein and oil extracted from soybean and soybean cake, not only reduce the cost, shorten the time, but also improve product quality.

In the application of instant noodles, pre-mixing enzymes (glucose oxidase enzyme, hemicellulose enzyme, cellulase enzyme, lipase enzyme) with flour and scoring from crispness, elasticity, gluten strength, smoothness and foam resistance can improve the soaking effect of instant noodles to a certain extent.

3. Application of cellulose enzyme enzyme in instant tea production

Instant tea is easy to drink and requires no insoluble residue after instant dissolution. Hot water extraction is commonly used to extract the active ingredients in tea. If cellulase enzyme is extracted at low temperature, the yield can be increased and the original color and fragrance of tea can be maintained. If boiling water immersion and enzymatic method are combined, the extraction time can be shortened and the extraction rate of tea tannin and caffeine with poor water solubility can be increased.
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