Application Of Enzyme Products In Sewerage Treatment


Application Of Enzyme Products In Sewerage Treatment

Biological products have gained a strong market for many years in the treatment of waste systems. Biological products are used in restaurants, municipal sewage systems, or private septic tanks and hotel drainage systems. Biological products have obvious advantages over chemical products. The first generation of these products is crude enzymes, and many enzyme manufacturers have begun to develop new enzymes for sewage waste treatment.

Several important characteristics of products formulated strictly with enzymes:
1. The waste they attack is very specific. If the waste is starch, specific enzymes can be absorbed and digested.
2. They move faster. When there is dirt, enzymes attack it quickly. Enzymes don't need time to build a bacterial-like population.

Enzyme products have several disadvantages:
1. Because enzymes are specific to what they attack, general waste can not be digested properly. Mixtures of starch, fat, protein and other substances consume the most enzymes, and waste is not just a type of organic material. If the enzyme product is a different type of enzyme, it may work better, but this function will significantly increase the cost of the product.
2. Enzymes are difficult to manufacture, so they are expensive. High quality enzymatic products are rare.
3. Enzyme consumes itself by digesting waste, so the unit product can only liquefy a certain amount of waste. Enzymes cannot reproduce, which requires a high number of enzymes to fully digest waste.

In the future, enzyme manufacturers will also develop biological products that contain both enzymes and bacteria than other types. Because of enzymes, they begin to digest waste immediately. Because of bacteria, they can continue to produce more enzymes to digest waste. So this kind of biological product can play the role of pipeline dredger, not just maintenance products.

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