Application of Lipase Enzyme in Biodiesel Production


Application of Lipase Enzyme in Biodiesel Production

Biodiesel is made from animal, plant, microorganism and various oils (such as animal oil, oil crop, engineering microalgae, garbage oil, etc.) which can produce oil. It is converted into diesel fuel by appropriate biological means. The synthesis of biodiesel requires the participation of catalysts, while the enzymatic method has the advantages of mild reaction conditions, no requirement for the quality of raw oil, easy collection of reaction products and no pollutant emissions.

Biodiesel production by enzymatic catalysis is a kind of transesterification reaction between lipid and short chain alcohols. Enzymatic catalysis has low requirements for raw materials, free fatty acids can be esterified directly by lipase, and by-product glycerol is easily separated, which reduces the production process requirements and production costs, and improves product quality.

Lipase enzyme powder is a kind of biocatalyst which can catalyze specific reactions. Compared with general catalysts, lipase-catalyzed reactions are mild, efficient and specific. Lipase enzyme can catalyze the production of biodiesel under mild conditions. Lipase enzyme is easily biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. It has incomparable advantages of chemical catalysis. Biodiesel production by enzymatic technology is a pollution-free "green" technology, which has advantages that other methods do not have. It is the development direction of industrialized production.

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