Application of Lipase Enzyme in Food Industry


Application of Lipase Enzyme in Food Industry

Lipase enzyme powder can catalyze transesterification, ester transfer, hydrolysis and other reactions, so it is widely used in the oil industry. Its main role lies in:

1. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Fat

The reaction of fatty acid and glycerol produced by oil and water together under the action of catalyst is called lipid hydrolysis reaction. It is widely used in the fatty acid and soap industry. Inorganic acids, alkalis and metal oxides are used as catalysts in traditional oil hydrolysis reactions, which require high temperature, medium and high pressure, long time and corrosion resistance of equipment. They have high cost, high energy consumption and poor operational safety. Moreover, the products have dark fatty acid color or thermal polymerization, so they are not suitable for heat-sensitive oils. Enzymatic hydrolysis catalyzed by bio-enzymes can overcome these shortcomings and be selective, so it is beneficial to reduce side effects and improve the quality of fatty acids in target products.

2. Enzymatic transesterification

The reaction of mixing one ester with another fatty acid or alcohol or ester and accompanying acyl exchange to form a new ester is called transesterification. The traditional transesterification process uses chemical methods, and the commonly used catalysts are sodium metal or sodium hydroxide, inorganic acids, and so on. If non-specific lipase enzyme is used to catalyze transesterification of triglycerides, similar results will be obtained as chemical transesterification. However, if 1,3-directed lipase enzyme is used as catalyst, specific target products can be produced which can not be obtained by chemical transesterification. This is the unique charm of enzymatic transesterification.

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