Application Of Pre-Treated And Refined Enzymatic For Textile In Textile Printing And Dyeing Pretreat


Application Of Pre-Treated And Refined Enzymatic For Textile In Textile Printing And Dyeing Pretreat

Basic Principle: Bioscouring technology is the latest application of advanced biotechnology in textile industry in the world. Pre-treated and refined enzymatic for textile introduced bio-refining technology into textile, printing and dyeing pretreatment processes. It utilizes the unique high catalytic efficiency and high specificity of enzymes used in Textile Pretreatment biorefining, uses a mild way different from the traditional process, effectively removes fibrous coexistence, simplifies the process, reduces costs, saves energy and protects the environment on the premise of improving the quality of products in an all-round way, and greatly improves the comprehensive economic benefits of enterprises. Pre-treated and refined enzymatic for textile can accurately decompose and remove non-cellulosic substances in cellulose fibers (cotton, linen and their blended fibers), including wax, pectin and mineral salts, etc. Under mild technological conditions, reliable spinnability, wettability, uniformity and perfect scouring effect can be obtained to ensure the treatment of the later textile, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing or printing processes.

1. It has a wide range of applications: the application of pre-treated and refined enzymatic for textile almost covers various fields of cellulose fiber processing, such as: pretreatment of cotton bulk fiber; application of degumming processes of flax, ramie, hemp and jute; application of pretreatment of cotton, linen yarn, knitting and shuttle fabric; application of garment dyeing and so on.

2. Common advantages can be reflected in different processing procedures: pre-treated and refined enzymatic for textile can show the same advantages in the application of different processes: improving production efficiency, increasing productivity, saving water and energy consumption, reducing chemical consumption, reducing emissions, comprehensively improving the quality of treated products, ensuring their balance and consistency, and safe operation.

3. Environmental protection effect: pre-treated and refined enzymatic for textile bio-scouring technology replaced traditional Scouring Technology in Textile Pre-treatment bio-refining. Traditional scouring mostly relies on NaOH to remove impurities in cellulose at high temperature, which creates a basis for further processing and textile wearability. The extensive use of NaOH makes textile auxiliaries, dyes, process flow and product development in the later production process, and even the whole textile theory based on NaOH. Eventually, the textile industry has become a social machine of environmental pollution. Bioscouring instead of chemical scouring and mild and environmentally friendly enzymes instead of high-polluting NaOH and traditional additives based on it have effectively curbed the current situation of energy consumption, water consumption and high-polluting emissions in textile and dyeing industry.

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