Bio-industry Technology Enhance The Environmental Protection


Bio-industry Technology Enhance The Environmental Protection

Industrial biotechnology is the application of microorganism and enzyme in industry. It is a technological revolution of material processing technology, which originated from the rapid advance of life science and biotechnology at the end of last century. It has a significant impact on the fields of energy, poultry, materials, medicine, food, textile and papermaking enzyme , as well as on the future social development model of mankind.

As the inevitable direction of the future development of elements, countries all over the world have given great attention. Some large international famous enterprises have invested heavily in the development of bio-based elements. It is suggested to strengthen the original technology development of biological material industry, carry out intellectual property competition, encourage large state-owned enterprises to get involved, and at the same time carry out financial and policy support, so as to rapidly promote the development of China's biological base elements' industry and seize the commanding height of the biological base elements' industry.

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