Cellulase Enzyme - Care For Your Clothes


Cellulase Enzyme - Care For Your Clothes

Cellulase enzyme is more and more closely related to laundry detergents. Firstly, Chinese consumers believe that preventing fuzzing and pilling is an area that needs to be improved. Cellulase enzyme can support the related concept of fabric care and the claimed product effects. In addition, consumer testing organizations are also concerned about the effect of detergent care. Therefore, consumers buy cellulase enzyme products because they can be used in cotton and cotton blended fabrics to prevent pilling and remove wool balls.

Protective Function - Clothing No longer Pills
When consumers buy new clothes, they always want to look good, feel comfortable, and be as inflexible as possible. One of the main problems consumers face is pilling, which makes their cotton clothes look faded and old. However, with cellulase enzyme detergents, consumer problems can be solved and clothes can no longer pill.

Fabric Renovation - Renewing Pilling Fabric
Many customers' cotton clothes are pilling slowly in the washing process. Cellulase enzyme can remove loose fabric wool balls from clothes and make clothes refreshed. Buying cellulase enzyme can care for consumers' favorite clothes, while maintaining the quality of fabric for a long time.

Improvement of stability
Cellulase enzyme has reached a new standard in clothing nursing. It is designed to be compatible with proteases and exhibit excellent performance under stress.

Cellulase enzyme can help manufacturers to solve the common clothing pilling problem of customers. In a certain range of temperature, dosage and washing times, the effect of cellulase  enzyme is much better than that of cellulase  enzyme in the same market. It enables consumers to wash more firmly, and also allows manufacturers to maximize the advantages of fabric care in washing formulations. But the most important thing is to be able to take good care of consumers' clothes, so as to make their brand-new and lasting.


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