Characteristics Of Acid Cellulase Enzyme Liquid


Characteristics Of Acid Cellulase Enzyme Liquid

Acid cellulase enzyme liquid is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly biocatalyst, which is a protein composed mainly of amino acids. It has high efficiency and high specificity. The high efficiency and specificity of enzymes do not require high temperature, high pressure, strong alkali and strong acid conditions. It is not only a leap forward for ordinary chemical catalytic reactions, but also of great value for its application in various fields. It can achieve low energy consumption, high yield, high quality and some special functional effects.
Characteristics of acid cellulase enzyme liquid
(1)The mild reaction conditions and catalytic action of enzymes can be carried out under normal temperature and pressure without strong acid and alkali. The requirements for equipment are low and the working conditions are good. At the same time, the catalytic reaction of general enzymes is carried out in the range of physiological temperature from 25 to 37 C, and only a few enzymes are carried out at relatively high temperatures, which can save a lot of energy.
(2)Generally, enzymes with high catalytic efficiency have affinity with the catalyzed reactants, so they can be combined at a certain position in favor of the reaction. Therefore, the frequency factor of using enzymes as catalysts will be greatly increased, so the reaction speed will be greatly accelerated. Therefore, acid cellulase enzyme liquid plays a role in reducing activation energy and increasing frequency factor (i.e. collision rate between reaction factors) in chemical reaction, thus greatly accelerating the reaction speed. The rate of enzymatic reaction is 108-1020 times higher than that of non-catalytic reaction and 107-1013 higher than that of other catalysts.
(3)Catalytic reactions have the specificity of enzymes, that is, enzymes have strict selectivity to the substrate. An enzyme can only catalyze a specific class or a substance. The selectivity of enzymes to substrates is shown in two aspects, that is, the reactions to be acted upon are specific and the reactions to be catalyzed are specific.
(4)Acid cellulase enzyme liquid itself is easy to be biodegraded, and does not need to add a large number of chemicals, so it can greatly reduce the burden of sewage treatment.

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