Current Situation And Trend Of Enzyme Preparation Industry


Current Situation And Trend Of Enzyme Preparation Industry

Enzymes are biocatalysts produced by living cells that catalyze specific biochemical reactions. It is a bio-product with catalytic function after purification and processing of enzymes. It is mainly used to catalyze various chemical reactions in the production process. It has the characteristics of high catalytic efficiency, high specificity, mild reaction conditions, reducing energy consumption and chemical pollution. Its application fields are widely distributed in food, textile, feed, paper making, leather, medicine, energy development, environmental protection, etc.

Enzyme preparation is widely used in many fields, which can reduce the production cost of downstream industries, effectively relieve the pressure of rising prices of various raw materials, at the same time, improve the production efficiency of downstream industries and reduce environmental pollution. In recent years, the global market of enzymes has increased year by year, and the development prospects of enzymes industry are quite broad.

Development status
Since the 21st century, although there is still competition among enzyme manufacturers by lowering prices, with the expansion of market scale and diversification of competition means, the price and profit margin of most products have been relatively stable.

Main factors affecting industry profit margin
(1) With the increase of market supply and the intensification of market competition, there is a risk that the profit margin of the industry will decrease.
(2) Enzyme production technology will reduce production costs and improve profit margin level, but in the long run, product prices will also be reduced and profit margin level will fall.
(3) Breakthroughs in new technologies and the emergence of new products, especially the large-scale application of high-end enzyme products, will help to improve profit margins.

Major Problems in Enzyme Preparation Industry in China
Enhancing the Competitiveness of Enzyme Manufacturers in China and Measures for Enzyme Preparation Development in China
1. Take the road of intensive and large-scale operation, adopt advanced production equipment, and improve production technology.
2. Increase investment in science and technology and adjust the scientific research system. At present, the funds for research and development in the field of enzyme engineering are very small in China. The sum of the funds invested by enterprises and the state is far less than 10% of the funds invested by a large foreign enterprise.
3. Strive to adopt and promote high and new technologies and develop innovative technologies with China's independent intellectual property rights as soon as possible.
4. Adjust the product structure as soon as possible, vigorously develop new enzymes and new uses, and strive to improve product quality. Enzyme products in China are single, of poor quality and with many impurities, which can not meet the needs of market consumers. Therefore, we should vigorously adjust the industrial structure.


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