Introduction of the Properties of Cellulase Enzyme


Introduction of the Properties of Cellulase Enzyme

Shingenzyme company will introduce you to the properties of cellulase enzymes.

Cellulase enzyme is an important enzyme product, which is a complex enzyme. It is mainly composed of exogenous beta-glucanase, endo-beta-glucanase, and beta-glucosidase. It also has xylanase with high activity. Cellulase enzyme has a four-stage structure, and the strains producing cellulase are easy to degrade, resulting in a decrease in the ability to produce cellulase enzyme. Because cellulase enzyme is difficult to purify, it usually contains hemicellulase and other related enzymes, such as amylase and protease.

The principle of cellulase enzyme action:
1. Cellulase enzyme enhances the decomposition of cellulose and hemicellulose. At the same time, it can promote the dissolution of the plant cell walls and dissolve more solutes in plant cells. It can also degrade non-digestible macromolecule polysaccharides, proteins and lipids into small molecule substances, which is beneficial to digestion and absorption of the animal gastrointestinal tract.

2. Cellulase enzyme preparation can activate the secretion of endogenous enzymes, supplement the deficiency of endogenous enzymes, and adjust the endogenous enzymes to ensure the normal digestion and absorption function of animals, and play a role in disease prevention and growth promotion.

3. Eliminate the anti-nutritional factors and promote the healthy growth of organisms. When hemicellulose and pectin partially dissolve in water, the viscous solution will be produced, which will increase the viscosity of digestive matter and hinder the endogenous enzymes. Adding cellulose can reduce the viscosity, increase the diffusion of endogenous enzymes, increase the contact area between enzymes and nutrients, and promote the good digestion of feed.

4. Cellulase enzyme preparation itself is a multi-enzyme complex composed of protease, amylase, pectinase, and cellulase. In this multi-enzyme complex system, the product of one enzyme can become the substrate of another enzyme, so that digestion in the digestive tract can proceed smoothly. That is to say, cellulase enzyme not only directly degrades cellulose and promotes its decomposition into low molecular compounds easily digested and absorbed by animals, but also works with other enzymes to improve the decomposition and digestion of feed nutrients in dairy cows.

5. Cellulase can also maintain the integrity of small intestinal villi and promote the absorption of nutrients.

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