Properties Of Neutral Desizing Enzyme For Textile


Properties Of Neutral Desizing Enzyme For Textile

Starch, a highly carbohydrate polymer, is composed of two polysaccharides, polysaccharides and amylopectin. Neutral desizing enzyme for textile can change the internal structure of starch, reduce the viscosity of starch and meet the desizing requirements. Neutral desizing enzyme for textile produced by Bacillus subtilis through deep fermentation can hydrolyze starch into short dextrins and a small amount of low molecular sugar, glucose and maltose endonucleases, which can rapidly reduce the viscosity of starch paste and make it easy to remove completely in subsequent washing. Enzymatic desizing can remove starch-containing sizes without damaging the fabric's ideal effect. It is mainly used in textile desizing, especially in the desizing process of silk, chemical fibre, cotton and wool fabrics which are not resistant to high temperature.

Neutral desizing enzyme for textile decompose starch, which has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, non-damage to fibers, reducing the amount of chemicals and no pollution, and saving energy by medium temperature treatment.

Properties of neutral desizing enzyme for textile:
1. PH5.5-7.0 is relatively stable, the optimum is PH6.0-6.5, and the inactivation of PH below 5.0 or above 8.0 is serious.
2. Thermal stability is stable below 60 and the optimum reaction temperature is between 45 and 65 and between 70 and 85 respectively. With the increase of temperature, the reaction speed is accelerated, but the deactivation is also accelerated. It is suitable for desizing process at temperatures not higher than 70 C.
Storage conditions:
This product belongs to bio-active substance, and should be placed in low temperature, dry place to avoid direct sunlight. Enzyme activity was not lower than the labeled enzyme activity at room temperature (25 C) for three months. If a small amount of precipitation occurs, the liquid can be shaken and used, and its effect remains unchanged.

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