Source and Enzymatic Properties of Beta Mannanase Enzyme


Source and Enzymatic Properties of Beta Mannanase Enzyme

Beta mannanase enzyme is widely found in nature. It is found in intestinal secretions of some lower animals (such as marine mollusks), seeds of some legumes (such as carob, guar bean, etc.) and corms of Araceae plants Konjac. Microorganisms (including fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes, etc.) are the main sources of feeding beta mannanase enzyme. The conditions for producing beta mannanase enzyme by various microorganisms and beta mannanase enzyme activity, the nature and mode of action of the enzyme and the primary structure of protein are different.

The beta mannanase enzyme activity by the fungus is high, and its cost is low, its extraction is convenient, and it has a wider range of pH, temperature and substrate specificity than that of animal and plant sources. Researchers pay much attention to it. Among them, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Vibrio, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Yeast, Trichoderma and Streptomyces in Actinomycetes produce beta. There are many studies on mannanase.

The range of action of fungi-derived beta mannanase enzyme is acidic, generally between pH 4.0 and 5.5, and the optimum reaction temperature is generally between 55 and 75 degrees Celsius.

The optimum pH of mannanase from bacteria and actinomycetes is neutral or alkaline, and the optimum reaction temperature is 45 ~70 C. Bacillus was the most studied bacteria. Except for the alkalophilic Bacillus, the optimum reaction pH was 5.5-7.0.

In conclusion, the activity of fungal-derived beta mannanase enzyme is acidic, while the pH of bacteria and actinomycetes producing beta mannanase enzyme is nearly neutral or alkaline, and its stability is good. The requirement for the use of Beta-mannanase in single-stomach animal feed is acidic. The production of beta mannanase enzyme from different strains has been reported at home and abroad, but mostly concentrated on alkaline and neutral beta mannanase enzyme. There are few reports on the production of acidic beta mannanase enzyme by microbial fermentation in China. Therefore, the research and industrialization of acidic beta mannanase enzyme are carried out. Popularization will have great application potential in feed industry.


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