The Advantages of the Beta Mannanase Enzyme


The Advantages of the Beta Mannanase Enzyme

1. Destroy the structure of cell wall, reduce the viscosity of chyme and improve the utilization rate of feed.
Beta mannanase enzyme can decompose beta mannanase, form mannanase oligosaccharides, reduce the viscosity of digestive tract contents, facilitate the contact between digestive enzymes and chyme, reduce the thickness of immobile water layer of intestinal mucosa, and improve the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

2. Improve the intestinal microbial environment and protect the integrity of mucosa.
The main hydrolysate of mannanase enzyme is mannose oligosaccharide (MOS), which can also promote the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, but not be used by harmful bacteria, thus improving the environment of intestinal microbial flora. At the same time, MOS can also bind to receptors on the cell wall of pathogenic bacteria, inhibit the binding of bacteria and sugar residues on intestinal mucosa, thus inhibiting the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus.
Protect the integrity of intestinal mucosa structure and function.

3. Mannose oligosaccharides can also adsorb pathogens and toxins, alleviate their absorption and enhance the immune function of animals.
Mannan oligosaccharides are not digested by the body and do not increase the concentration of sugar in the blood. Therefore, after the use of beta mannanase enzyme, the proportion of unconventional feed in the feed formulation can be increased, the growth of animals can be promoted, the immunity of animals can be improved, and the environmental pollution can be reduced.

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