The Challenges Animal Feed Enzymes Industry Faces


The Challenges Animal Feed Enzymes Industry Faces

In the 1990s, enzymes were widely used in feed industry. From 1990s to 2000, animal feed enzymes developed fastest in 10 years. In the past 10 years, animal feed enzymes have reached the popularization rate of more than 90% from scratch. From 2000 to 2019, although the popularity of enzymes has not been greatly improved, the content of enzymes in animal feed industry has changed dramatically. In the 1990s, phytase was the first enzyme used in feed. At present, feed enzymes have developed from a single phytase to a variety of varieties. These achievements depend not only on technological progress, but also on the participation and promotion of each enzyme company.

However, we can not ignore the challenges facing animal husbandry production. Only by solving these difficulties can the enzyme industry develop better and faster.

①Feed costs soared and raw material prices rose. Among them, energy feed is the most expensive, followed by protein feed.

②The quality varies greatly. Feed materials are more diversified and there are more anti-nutritional factors.

③The challenge of disease is severe. Reducing the use of antibiotics has become a general trend.

④More attention should be paid to animal health. It has been reported that 39.8% of all piglets died of diarrhea. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to maintaining intestinal health, reducing stress and improving immunity.

⑤Pay more attention to the environment. At present, phosphorus emissions exceed 2.5 million t/year and nitrogen emissions exceed 5 million t/year.

⑥Pay attention to production efficiency. More and more people are committed to improving the utilization of energy and protein.


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