The Fields of Application of Alkaline Protease


The Fields of Application of Alkaline Protease

1. Alkaline Protease Application in Soybean Peptide and Soybean Phospholipid Functional Food
Soybean protein was hydrolyzed into soybean polypeptide to improve the solubility and functional properties of soybean protein. It was used as a protein supplement and nutritional supplement in beverages, dairy products, food for the aged and infants.

2. Application of Alkaline Protease in Washing Industry
Alkaline protease can be added to the detergent formulation, blood and protein utensils to decontaminate and assist in removing protein-based stains. By adding alkaline protease detergent, washing and decontamination ability can be greatly improved, especially for protein stains such as bloodstains, sweat stains, milk stains and so on. It can also achieve nursing fabric and whitening. It can be used in raw silk scouring in the textile industry because of its unique effect of brightening and washing.

3. Alkaline Protease Application in Leather Industry
Alkaline protease can be used to make a depilation agent, which can make the leather clean, make the grain clear, without obvious damage and with the fine and bright pore.

4. Alkaline Protease Application in Extraction of Pharmaceutical Materials
Alkaline protease can be used to extract heparin and chondroitin sulfate.

5. Alkaline Protease Application in Protein Extract Derived from the animals and Meat Flavor Base Material
Alkaline protease combined with flavor enzymes can hydrolyze animal proteins such as raw meat, meat dregs, bone, blood and fish collagen, which can completely hydrolyze raw materials, achieve higher utilization of protein, and make the product taste mellow and natural without any interference of bitterness.

6. Alkaline Protease Application in Yeast Extract
Alkaline protease combined with flavor enzymes was used in yeast extract to improve protein utilization and flavor of the final product.


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