The Relevant Introduction of Beta Mannanase Enzyme


The Relevant Introduction of Beta Mannanase Enzyme

As a multifunctional growth promoter, the beta mannanase enzyme can promote the secretion of insulin-like growth factor IGF-I, protein synthesis, lean meat rate, and growth.


1. The beta mannanase enzyme eliminates the interference of mannan in feed on glucose absorption, greatly improves the energy digestibility of soybean meal, and increases the metabolic energy of corn-soybean meal diet by 100-150 kcal/kg.

2. Mannan oligosaccharides produced by the decomposition of mannan can be absorbed by beneficial bacteria in animal intestines, which can improve the composition of bacteria, and reduce the infection of Escherichia coli and Salmonella. It can reduce the harm of broiler coccidiosis and improve the evenness of broiler.

3. The beta mannanase enzyme can reduce intestinal viscosity and promote digestion and absorption of energy, protein, and cellulose.

Performance characteristics:

1. Genetically engineered bacteria were fermented in deep liquid, and their activity was higher than that of foreign products.

2. The optimum pH range is wide (4-7.5), which can play a better role in the digestive tract of animals.

3. Good temperature resistance and advanced post-processing technology make it withstand the granulation temperature of 90℃. Without additional post-spraying equipment, mixing is evener.

4. The effect is outstanding. The practice has proved that the use of beta mannanase enzyme in diets containing more than 10% soybean meal can increase the metabolic energy by 100-150 kcal/kg (equivalent to 10-15 kg lipid per ton of feed and 10-15 yuan less cost per ton of feed).


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