The Role and Application of Lipase Enzyme in Baking Products


The Role and Application of Lipase Enzyme in Baking Products

①Strengthened gluten can increase the volume of bread.

The mechanism is that these three lipase enzymes powder decompose the lipids in flour, non-polar triglycerides are decomposed into single/double glycerides by triglycerides, polar lecithin and galactose lipase enzymes are decomposed into lysolecithin and single/double galactose glycerides by phospholipases and galactose lipases. This decomposition can form a stronger polar and hydrophilic structure, better combine with water and glutenin, and form a stronger gluten network. At the same time, polar lipids can increase the volume of baked products.

②Whitening effect

The mechanism is that lipase enzyme decomposes fat to release pigments dissolved in fat, and the pigments are oxidized and discolored by oxygen in the air to achieve secondary whitening effect. Lipase enzyme has been widely used in the whitening of steamed bread, but the whitening effect of enzyme preparation needs the influence of water, stirring, reaction time and other common factors.

③Improve the structure of bread core, make it delicate and soft, and increase the shelf life of bread.

Lipase enzyme decomposition produces ester/lipid substances, which play the role of emulsifier to increase bread softness. This is also a direction of replacing or reducing emulsifier, making product label concise, reducing the amount of emulsifier can reduce product cost. Triglyceride lipase enzyme hydrolyzes lipids to form glycerol-starch complex, which delays the aging of starch. It can be used with bacterial alpha-amylase to extend bread freshness.
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