The Role of Lipase Enzyme in Poultry Breeding


The Role of Lipase Enzyme in Poultry Breeding

1. Increase the activity of digestive enzymes

In general, poultry can produce various endogenous digestive enzymes, such as lipase enzyme, amylase enzyme, protease enzyme and so on. When the immature digestive tract of poultry results in insufficient secretion of endogenous enzymes or is in a pathological state to inhibit secretion, proper addition of lipase enzyme can not only make up for the deficiencies of the body, but also stimulate the body to increase nutrient absorption and promote the secretion of digestive enzymes.

2. Improving digestibility and utilization of feed

Adding appropriate amount of exogenous enzymes in poultry production can promote the digestion and utilization of nutrients in feed. As an important enzyme preparation, lipase enzyme   can not only improve the digestive efficiency of fat, provide essential fatty acids for the growth and reproduction of poultry, but also improve the flavor of feed and appetite of poultry.

3. Improving immunity

Lipase enzyme powder preparations can affect the metabolism of poultry organisms and participate in the regulation of related hormones.

4. Reducing pollution and providing green products

Lipase enzyme preparation can reduce the excretion of nitrogen and phosphorus from poultry excreta, maximize the utilization of energy, thereby reducing their pollution to soil and water. Lipase itself is a kind of protein, is recognized as a "green" additive, non-toxic, no side effects, can provide safe poultry products. Feeding enzymes can not only reduce the environmental tolerance, but also promote the sustainable green development of aquaculture industry.

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