The Role of Small Beta Mannanase Enzymein Feed Application


The Role of Small Beta Mannanase Enzymein Feed Application

1. Improving the Production Performance of Livestock and Poultry
Adding mannanase enzyme to maize-soybean meal diet of commercial Hailan laying hens significantly increased egg weight, laying time and total egg production. At the same time, adding beta mannanase enzyme could maintain the production performance of laying hens under high-energy diet after reducing the metabolic energy level in the diet. It reduces feed cost and promotes the healthy growth of livestock and poultry.

2. Promoting healthy growth of animals
Mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), a degradation product of mannan, has been widely used in feed industry as a green feed additive. It can significantly promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in animal intestine, reduce the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in intestine, improve the integrity of intestinal mucosa, and ultimately improve the production performance of animals. In previous experiments, our R&D department found that dietary supplementation of beta mannanase enzyme had a tendency to increase the number of beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus) in ileum of broilers. Mannanase enzyme can improve the health of poultry, which may be due to the role of mannan oligosaccharides.

3. Replacement of some antibiotics
Mannan oligosaccharides, a product of mannan degradation by beta mannanase enzyme, can directly participate in the immune regulation of animals. In addition, in the process of sharing beta mannanase enzyme and antibiotics, beta mannanase enzyme can also effectively reduce the residual rate of antibiotics in animals.Beta mannanase enzyme can replace antibiotics and produce effective results. In broilers with beta mannanase enzyme and chlortetracycline, there was no chlortetracycline residue in muscle and kidney. This indicates that it is feasible to add beta mannanase enzyme to the diet to ensure the green health of meat products.

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