UV-ray Mutation Scre of High-yield Strain of Beta Mannanase Enzyme


UV-ray Mutation Scre of High-yield Strain of Beta Mannanase Enzyme

The research and application of beta mannanase enzyme (EC. has always been the focus of people's research. It is very important to screen a high-yield strain of beta mannanase enzyme adapted to the needs and apply it to production practice. In order to obtain high-yield strains of beta mannanase enzyme, mutagenesis breeding technology is the first choice. At present, mutagenesis breeding technology has achieved important results in many fields at home and abroad, and shows broad prospects for development.

Beta mannanase enzyme is an endogenous hydrolase that can hydrolyze mannose oligosaccharides and mannose polysaccharides (containing beta-1,4-D-mannoside bonds). In recent years, the development of natural hemicellulose resources and the discovery of physiological functions of mannanase oligosaccharides have made the research and development of beta mannanase enzyme a hot spot. The products of beta mannanase enzyme have been widely used in food, medicine, feed and other fields. Beta mannanase enzyme from microorganisms has become the focus of research at home and abroad because of its wide source, low cost, good activity and stable source.

Ultraviolet radiation is the most commonly used physical mutagen. The effective wavelength of ultraviolet radiation to induce microbial mutation ranges from 200 to 300 nm, and the action wavelength is 253.7 nm. Ultraviolet mutagenesis can be used to breed a large number of excellent microbial strains with high yield and strong activity. Its advantages are simple operation, economical, and high probability of positive mutation.

Many biologists have used ultraviolet radiation to modify the strain, and the results are remarkable. In this study, two rounds of ultraviolet mutagenesis were used to improve the ability of Bacillus licheniformis HDYM-04 to produce beta mannanase enzyme, in order to provide better experimental guidance for production practice.


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