What is alpha amylase enzyme?


What is alpha amylase enzyme?

What is alpha amylase enzyme? Alpha amylase enzyme is the general name of enzymes that hydrolyze starch and glycogen. It usually hydrolyzes starch sizes on fabrics by amylase catalysis. Because of the high efficiency and specificity of alpha amylase enzyme, the desizing rate of enzymatic desizing is high, the desizing rate is fast, the pollution is less, the products are softer than acid and alkali methods, and the fibers are not damaged. There are many kinds of alpha amylase enzyme. According to different fabrics, different equipment combinations and different technological processes, the current desizing methods include impregnation, stacking, crimping, continuous washing, etc. Because of the small mechanical effect of aplha amylase enzymes desizing and the small amount of water, the desizing effect can be achieved under low temperature conditions, which has distinct environmental protection characteristics.

It is used for starch decomposition and filtration in juice processing, as well as vegetable processing, syrup manufacturing, glucose processing and manufacturing.

Alpha amylase enzyme generally acts on soluble starch, amylose, glycogen and other alpha-1,4-glucans to hydrolyze alpha-1,4-glycoside bonds. According to the different isomeric types of enzymatic hydrolysates, they can be divided into alpha-amylase enzyme and beta-amylase enzyme.

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