What is Alpha Amylase Powder?


What is Alpha Amylase Powder?

Alpha amylase powder is widely distributed in animals (saliva, pancreas, etc.), plants (malt, sagebrush) and microorganisms. Microbial enzymes are almost secretory. Ca2+ is the essential factor of this enzyme, which acts as a stabilizing factor and an activating factor. Some amylases are non-Ca2+ dependent. Amylase acts not only on amylose but also on amylopectin. It randomly cuts off the internal alpha-1,4-chain of sugar chain without difference. Therefore, it is characterized by the sharp decrease of the viscosity of the substrate solution and the disappearance of iodine reaction. The final product is mainly glucose when amylose is decomposed. In addition, there are a small amount of maltose and maltose. The final product of starch hydrolysis by fungal alpha amylase powder is mainly maltose and does not contain macromolecular limit dextrin. It is widely used in baking industry and maltose manufacturing industry.

Alpha amylase powder can be divided into three categories: high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature. In food industry, the use of modified starch is mainly used as thickener, gelling agent, binder and stabilizer. The advantages of adding modified starch are as follows:

1. The fried mask with modified starch has crisp structure and low oil absorption. The product has good quality and storage stability.

2. In instant noodles, the rehydration, chewiness and elasticity of noodles can reduce cooking time.

3. Adding modified starch to pasta pastry can reduce oil absorption, shorten the crispness of pasta and prolong the storage time of products.

4. As a tissue-forming agent and adhesives in rice flour production, it can increase the transparency and smoothness of products and reduce the stickiness.


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