What is the Contribution of Feed Enzymes to Animal Intestinal Health?


What is the Contribution of Feed Enzymes to Animal Intestinal Health?

Dr. Mike Bedford, a biologist, presented a report at a symposium on poultry intestinal health held in Bangkok, Thailand, which explored the impact of current feed enzymes on nutritional supply and the impact of such changes on improving intestinal health and productivity of poultry.

This report reviews the latest research results on the interaction patterns of two major feed enzymes in poultry nutrition, namely phytase and non-starch polysaccharide degrading enzyme. The report also discusses the benefits of optimizing enzymes synthesized from the two enzymes in order to highlight factors that need to be considered to maximize functional responses.

"Feed enzymes affect nutrient supply mainly through one of two mechanisms - direct reduction of antinutrient factors and indirect alteration of the intestinal environment," explained Dr. Bedford. "Both mechanisms will improve the digestion and absorption of diets."

High complexity of feed enzymes
However, the processes involved and the interaction of various factors - feed enzymes and different substrates, substrates and poultry, poultry and the final products of enzymatic interaction are all complex. Dr. Bedford adds, "Given this complexity, it is difficult to achieve gains with a variety of feed enzymes, and even harmful to poultry productivity." Although it is difficult to obtain good results in the application of multi-non-starch polysaccharide degrading enzymes, the combination of optimized phytase and compatible non-starch polysaccharide degrading enzymes will achieve obvious results.

Only by understanding and explaining the various interactions in poultry can feed enzymes be accurately and effectively applied to poultry feeding to achieve a sustained and reliable effect. This is also the key to maximizing the return of funds from the use of commercial feed enzymes.

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