Technical help



Technical help

For glucoamylase:
Appearance requirements: a brown liquid preparation with the characteristic odor of the enzyme, allowing a small amount of precipitation.

pH: pH range is 3.0-5.5, the optimum pH range is 4.0-4.5

Operating temperature: temperature range is 40-65℃, the most suitable temperature: 58-60 ℃

Enzyme activity: ≥130,000u/mL

Bulk density: ≤1.25g/mL

Calcium ion stability: calcium ions have a protective effect on it.

heavy metal(pb)%      ≤0.004
Total colony cfu/g    ≤50000
E. coli MPN/100g      ≤3000
Mold cfu/g            ≤200
Salmonella             not detectable

After-sale Service

Service Principle:
Providing customers with important class services.
To serve as the core,create the  wide value for customer.

Pre-sale Services:
To provide customer with product data which match the related industry field.

Shipping Info

We are consistently mindful for each customer, from the beginning customer placed PO, we confirmed the package and delivery, however, it is hard for us to control the express or airway(if there had happened condition, just suppose, the package was damaged or witted), but please do not worry about it, we will double check the strength and hardness of the package before shipment.

Research & Development

As a manufacturer of enzyme in China, Shanghai Shingenzyme has 26 staffs and 6 technicians and engineers,we devoted to develop at top speed during early 2 years, the sale amount increases from zero to 2,000,000 USD the past years, we will keep on increasing with our high quality product and good service in future.

Research & development


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