Amylase is extracted from higher plants by scientific methods. It can be used to produce beer and starch sugar when it cuts two glucose from starch and converts the molecular structure of the glucose into β-type. In beer production, it can partially replace malt, effectively improving the efficiency of saccharification.
Use temperature: optimum temperature range: 58 ° C ~ 60 ° C; optimum pH range: 5.0 ~ 5.5.

alpha amylase function
It is used for starch decomposition and juice filtration in fruit juice processing, as well as processing of vegetables, syrup, and glucose.

Alpha-amylase: widely distributed in animals (saliva, pancreas, etc.), plants (malt, hawthorn) and microorganisms.
Alpha amylase powder is mainly used to hydrolyze starch to produce sugar, glucose and syrup, as well as to produce dextrin, beer, rice wine, alcohol, soy sauce, vinegar, juice and monosodium glutamate. It is also used in the production of bread to improve the dough, such as reducing the viscosity of the dough, accelerating the fermentation process, increasing the sugar content and alleviating the aging of the bread. It is also used in the pretreatment of cereal raw materials in infant foods. In addition, it is also used in vegetable processing.

1. In beer production, after adding this product according to the quality grade of barley malt, the ratio of barley malt and auxiliary material can be saccharified by feeding at 6:4 or 5:5, and when adding water it is soaked in warm water for 30 minutes at a ratio of 1:5. Standby, the backup enzyme is added in one time, stirred evenly, and liquefied at a stable temperature. The saccharification temperature should be controlled at 60-62 °C. The control conditions are unchanged according to the original process, and the dosage is 0.1-0.3 L/T.
2. In the production of maltose syrup, 0.1-0.3L/T raw material, 30-40 hours under the optimum action conditions.
3. high maltose syrup (>70%) needs to cooperate with pullulanase to saccharify, it is recommended to use β-amylase 0.5-1.0L/T raw material, pullulanase 0.5-1.0L/T raw material (enzyme activity to 1 Thousand units), saccharified for 24 hours.
4, ultra-high maltose syrup (>90%), need to cooperate with pulverization and maltotriosidase to saccharify. Suggested usage: β-amylase 1.5-2.0L/T raw material, pullulanase 1.5-2.8L/ T raw material (enzyme activity is 1 thousand units), maltotriosidase 1.5-2.0 L/T was added after 24 hours' saccharification and the saccharification is continued for 24 hours.

Specification: brown liquid preparation, alpha amylase enzyme activity ≥100,000 u/ml.


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