Detergents And Cleaning


Detergents And Cleaning

Alkaline lipase: Alkaline lipase is a new enzyme in detergent industry. Its main use is as new enzymes used in detergent industry. Its special properties decompose the clothing oil into diglyceride, monoglyceride and fatty acid and other water-soluble substances, which significantly improve the washing effect of washing powder, especially the effect of removing the macula. We use a variety of enzyme-containing detergents, the enzymes of which mainly include alkaline proteases and alkaline lipases. Alkaline proteases are used to break down proteinaceous stains such as perspiration and blood stains. Alkaline lipase acts mainly on fatty acids and their esters, which is what we usually refer to as oils.

Alkaline Cellulase Enzymes: It can effectively eliminate the long-time wearing and pilling problems during the washing process, to restore the cotton fabric to a smooth, shiny state, making white clothes whiter and colorful clothes more vivid and soft. At the same time, it can also remove particles stained deep in the fiber.

Alkaline amylase: Alkaline proteases are easy to wash away stains such as blood stains and milk stains on clothes. Enzyme washing powder cannot be used for the washing of natural protein fiber fabrics such as silk and wool. Amylase can be used as a detergent in restaurant dishwashers to remove insoluble starch residues and the like.

Alkaline protease: In the daily cleaning, it is mainly used as a decontamination additive in washing powder. Alkaline protease has a high decontamination ability in daily washing, and is often added to detergents because of alkaline protease pairing. : Blood stains, sweat stains, milk stains, oil stains and other protein-based dirt with unique washing effect, it is an industrial additive widely used in the market.

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