Enzymes For Industrial Use


Enzymes For Industrial Use


(1) Application of lipase enzyme in wine industry
It can improve the content of ester aroma in liquor, and speed up the reaction balance of various acids, alcohols and esters in liquor, shorten the time of storage and ripening, and adjust the content and proportion of various aroma substances in liquor, so that the wine is rich with cellar fragrance, sweet and refreshing, the flavor of it is coordinated to be plump and has a long finish; the premium wine rate can be increased by more than 30%.

(2) Application of lipase enzyme in the sauce brewing industry
Lipase can achieve the purpose of adding aroma in the sauce manufacturing industry.

(3) Preparation of chemical products and reagents
By utilizing the action properties of lipase for hydrolysis, synthesis and trans-fatty acid, it is possible to prepare for chemical products with high cost by chemical production. Erucic acid and its derivatives have a wide range of chemical applications and can be used in petrochemical, textile, chemical, light, and plastic industries. At present, the production method of erucic acid is to hydrolyze canola oil and mustard oil under high temperature and high pressure, and then rectify to obtain a high purity product. The enzymatic production of erucic acid requires low action conditions and leads to high-purity product, which is a development direction of erucic acid production.

(4) Application of lipase enzyme in the processing of pasta foods
In the production of pasta foods, the quality of the flour will be greatly improved after the addition of lipase. Lipase can form a gelatin in the flour, which increases the viscoelasticity of the flour and improves the taste. The addition of lipase in the production of pasta products can increase the amount of water in most cases, so the product yield can be improved by adding water. Moreover, the lipase can improve the dough, so that the dough is not easily broken with a transparent feeling, hardly soluble in water, and it does not crack when frozen. The addition of lipase to the bread dough releases monoglycerides, which will delay spoilage, and improves the bread’s property of maintaining freshness. The formation of monoglycerides and diglycerides also improves the foaming properties of the protein.

Xylanase enzyme:
Xylanase enzyme can be used in the brewing and feed industries. Xylanase can decompose raw material cell walls and β-glucan in the brewing or feed industry, reduce the viscosity of materials in brewing, promoting the release of effective substances, and reduce non-starch polysaccharides in feed grains, and to promote the absorption of nutrients, thus more readily to get soluble lipid components.


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